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A new Unified Field Theory 1992 / 2016  Kenneth Lee Regelman

Regelman's Laws of Matter

1st Law of Matter.......For Matter to react/move it must have physical contact with another mass of matter .

2nd Law of matter.......Matter can not be created nor destroyed .

3rd Law of Matter.......All matter can be broke down to Prime Particles , the building block of all matter .

4th Law of Matter...... Prime Particles fill the entire universe as we now understand it .

5th Law of Matter.......No two or more particles of Matter can occupy the same point or exact multiple points in the universe at any finite instance .
No single Particle can occupy multiple points at any finite instance . This is important !

6th Law of Matter.......Matter moving is "ENERGY "  / NO MATTER , "NO ENERGY" !!!

7th Law of Matter……Prime Matter can not be compressed or expanded .

Prime Particles have always existed . This is the beginning and the origin of the Universe !
Always present ,  always moving , the universe is completely filled with Prime Particles !
From  Prime Particles all complex matter was formed and the universe began to take shape .

Prime Particles are a unique form of matter . So small they fill all the gaps in everything in the Universe .
Prime Particles are so small they move effortlessly through all the gaps in matter .
As regular matter moves it causes ripples in Prime Particles .
These ripples of Prime Particles are the invisible medium of which all fields are made of !
This is the same invisible medium that electromagnetic waves and light travel on .
Prime Particles make up the gravitational field for all matter .
Prime Particles can not occupy the same point in space as another particle thus the ripple effect.

For all practical purposes Prime
Particles are in a dimension all their own  !
Prime Particles react in a special reality  .
Prime Particles are like a Superfluid in an additional Dimension rippling in and out of our 3 dimensions.
Time is not a dimension !  Time is but a measurement of the movement of matter  .

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If you understand what has been said and implied so far you know the possibilities are endless !

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